Anthem Blue Card-Defined

The Anthem Blue Card program is an excellent program for people who travel! The people at Anthem have figured out that having a good health insurance plan should not bind you to your geographical location! Anthem Blue Card is a plan for all the adventurers out there, as well as those who are not that adventurous and just like to go visit family and friends.

We live in a global society. The world has genuinely become a smaller place because people are traveling more frequently.

All Around The World

Anthem Blue Card members can get health care just about any place in the world where they travel. Members are linked to independent health care providers around the world that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield.

When you opt in as a Blue Card member you can take your health insurance coverage with you around the country or the world! Blue Card members have access to health care in over 200 countries! You never have to worry about getting sick while away from home and not having the necessary coverage to get the health care you need.

So whether you travel from Florida to Alaska or from the US to Asia you can count on Anthem Blue Card to provide you the protection that you need. You can easily find a health care provider when you are away from home by calling 800-810-BLUE from anywhere in the world!

You can also log onto to Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder and get the information you need online!

Become a Member

The Anthem Blue Card membership is a lot more affordable than you think. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that this type of plan is out of their reach financially because it provides such amazing coverage, but the reality is if you travel you cannot afford to pass up membership.

There is nothing worse than getting sick while on vacation and being unable to obtain the health care that you need. You can take a look at what we have at Get a free quote for the Anthem Blue Card plan now and see how affordable it is!

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