Anthem Blue Cross PPO Coverage: What is it?

Anthem Blue Cross PPO coverage is one of the many coverage plans that Anthem offers. PPO’s, or preferred provider organizations, are similar to HMO’s (health management organizations) with more freedom and less restrictions.

Anthem does not offer only one PPO option; they offer 8 PPO options to best meet your needs.

Take a Closer Look

Clear Protection - Clear Protection, one Anthem Blue Cross PPO coverage option, is a plan that offers immediate benefits and a broader range of benefits once you meet the maximum out of pocket expense.

Core Guard - If you are looking for coverage that will cover major medical expenses than this may be the plan that best suits your needs.

Premier - A great inclusive plan that works well for families. It offers preventive coverage options and low co-pays.

Individual Lumenos Plan- This plan offers you a great way to keep your medical costs down.

PPO Share Plans- these plans provide the most comprehensive coverage of all the plans that are offered under the Anthem PPO umbrella. These plans are perfect for families with small children that need regular medical check-ups. There are low co-pays and complete preventive coverage.

Smart Sense- Offers the lowest premium while still covering all the basics!

Right Plan PPO 40- This is a no deductible plan. You simply pay a $40 co-pay for in-network doctor visits, and you can choose from three different prescription drug plans.

Tonik Health Plans-These plans are geared towards the young and healthy who may need only minimal coverage with low premiums!


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