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To become an insurance provider in California there is a litany of rules that an insurance company has to abide by. Those rules are in place to help keep California residents protected, to make sure that insurance providers are on the up and up and can do what they promise they will.

Anthem insurance providers go through an additional screening process to ensure that they are beyond the up and up and that they exceed minimum standards. Anthem is a no nonsense insurance carrier that does not want to be associated with providers that do not keep their end of the deal.

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Anthem and Dan Abrams Health Insurance Service are on the same page when it comes to Anthem insurance providers. Both companies have a mutual goal of providing the residents of California with the best health insurance plans possible.

Abrams Health Insurance Service mirrors Anthem's philosophy of providing the best health insurance plans at affordable rates and doing so in an efficient manner. Abrams offers all of Anthem's products because we believe that Anthem is one of the top rated carriers in California.

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When you are shopping for health insurance it is strongly recommended that you work with the best carriers and the best agents. It will cut down on a lot of the confusion and a lot of the endless searching. At Abrams Health Insurance Service we strive to be the best insurance providers in the country.

We put your needs first and help you to find a plan that you can afford and that will keep your out-of-pocket costs down. We offer easy access to great health insurance plans.

You will find a plan that makes sense with the help of our instant quote engine. All you have to do is ask and we will provide you with free quotes. The best part? You can get the quotes and compare them right from your own home!

Anthem and Abrams Health Insurance Service is the team you need in your corner when you are in need of health insurance! You can get started by visiting

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