Complera: A New Health Relief for HIV-1

The news source is Medical News Today and research was done by Gilead Sceinces Inc.

A new once-daily single tablet for HIV-1 patients has been approved by the US FDA under the company maker Gilead Sciences Inc. named Complera and was announced August 10. This new single tablet has been made to treat HIV-1 patients who are new to treatment.

AIDS or HIV Infection is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 or HIV-1, a retrovirus isolated etiologic agent. This kind of infection is thought to be life-threatening which commonly acquired through unsafe sexual intercourse and exposure to contaminated blood. Moreover, statistics shows about 2 million people are infected worldwide every year.

Complera contains emtricitabine, rilpivirine, and tenofovir, the three antiretroviral drugs, in a single tablet. The approval of this tablet was supported by the data from the random studies of the Tibotec Pharmaceuticals. Director of Medical Research Dr. Tony Mills assured the availability, convenience, efficacy, and safety of Complera to aid those patients who are new to HIV treatment.

In addition, Chairman and CEO of Gilead Sciences John C. Martin, PhD stressed out that Complera is the second antiretroviral drug that comes from a complete single-tablet. Soon, it Gilead will manufacture and distribute Complera to Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Europe, and New Zealand.

This new drug gives a new health relief to those victims of HIV as well as to their families. It is indeed good news for everybody to know that there is hope for cure for patients with HIV.

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