Women Smokers is more at Risk of Health Problems

The news source is WebMD and research was done by The Lancet

The authors of The Lancet had published their study regarding the increase risk of developing coronary heart disease to women who smokes than in men smokers. It has been said that the sex differences played a big contributing factor to the said disease.

Coronary heart disease is a heart problem that has something to do with the coronary circulation which fails to supply adequate and proper circulation as to the surrounding tissue and cardiac muscle. The risk factors of such disease include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, and radiotherapy to the chest. It is common among men than in women. However, studies have shown that every year there is an increase of 2% new cases of coronary heart disease among women who smokes habitually.

In the recent study, authors Rachel R. Huxley, DPhil and Mark Woodward, PhD showed the result from 2.4 million respondents that women smokers are at risk of having coronary heart disease 25% higher than in men. The study have shown that women take more carcinogen than in men even if they smoke the same number of cigarette and the researcher believed that this maybe due to the womenís body response that they extra more number of carcinogens than men do.

In relation, the authors encouraged health care professionals to keep on promoting smoking cessation among individuals especially to women smokers. Senior cardiac nurse from British Heart Foundation Ellen Mason also pointed out that tobacco companies should as well participate in the effectiveness of promoting health warnings from tobacco consumption.

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