Saver Select Dental HMO Plan from Anthem Blue Cross:

One of the three HMO type dental plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross is called the Saver Select Dental plan. This plan differs slightly from the other two HMO type plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross. While the coverage amounts are lower, this plan is a good option if you do not foresee the need for additional dental care.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits offered by the Saver Select Dental Plan. Any office visits you may require will have a co-pay of $5 unless they are after hours. In that instance, the fee for after hour office visits is $56.

Diagnostic Care - If you need an oral exam or an x-ray from your dentist, there is no additional charge to you under this plan. Diagnostic care is a way to maintain the health of your teeth and catch any possible problems in their early stages.

Preventative Care - Topical fluoride treatments for children are completely covered by this plan. If you or your child require prophylaxis treatments, the first two visits are completely covered. After they have elapsed, a child’s visit will cost $35 and an adult visit will cost $45.

Restorative Care - Restorative care refers to any fillings that you may need for cavities. Under the Select Saver HMO plan, you can expect to pay $54 for a permanent 1 surface amalgam filling. A permanent 2 surface amalgam filling will cost $64, a permanent 3 surface amalgam filling will cost $75 and a permanent 4 or other surface amalgam filling will cost $89. Since you are paying for part of this restorative care, there is no exclusion or six month waiting period for these benefits to take effect.

Cosmetic Care - If you would like to have a labial veneer applied to a tooth at chairside, the cost for this procedure is $187. Because this procedure is not considered “medically necessary” it has been classified as a cosmetic procedure. A resin filling will cost $75 for a one surface filling.

Endodontic Care - If you need a root canal, you can expect to pay $289 for an anterior root canal, $341 for a bicuspid root canal and $459 for a molar root canal. The cost for a pulpotomy is $62.

Periodontal Care - Care that you require for your gums will be charged in the following manner: Gingivectomy - $72 per tooth or $194 per quadrant. Osseos surgery will cost you $520 and a scaling/root planing will cost $101.

Oral Surgery - Oral surgery is classified under this plan as the extraction of a tooth or treatment for an impaction. You can expect to pay $60 for a tooth extraction under the Saver Select HMO plan. Impactions are charged on the following schedule: $200 for a complete bony impaction, $176 for a partial bony impact and $136 for a soft tissue impaction.

Prosthodontic Care - This type of care is defined as either a crown or a denture. The costs are as follows: A complete upper crown will cost $577, a single crown will cost $432, a denture for broken tooth repair is $57 and a partial denture is $430.

Orthodontic Care - Finding an HMO type dental plan that covers orthodontia is not easy. However, the Saver Select plan does offer a level of coverage for orthodontic care. Adult orthodontics will cost $3045, child orthodontics will cost $2870 and a retention costs $210.

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