The Link between Heart Failure and Memory Loss

The news source is Reuters and the study was conducted by Joanne Festa of St. Lukeís-Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

A new study based on data collected and analyzed revealed that a personís memory plays a major role when it comes to making heart ailments more complicated and keeping the general condition of the body in good state.

Memory, in psychological and neurological terms, is an act of encoding, interpreting, retrieving and storing of information. This is considered to be a major factor in maintaining and keeping oneís health state in good condition. However, uncontrollable forces such as the occurrence of ailments cause oneís memory to take a backseat.

In the study, the researchers based the outcome from the different tests done on 207 heart failure patients possible for heart transplant. Memory test was also done to measure how well they recognized and remembered words. All were able to learn the same but a major difference occurred on how well they can hold unto the information.

Basing on the outcome of the study, the author pointed out that as the person becomes older, the brain atrophies more. But with pre existing complicated heart failure, the memory degenerates at a quicker pace. Also, the findings tell primary health providers especially cardiologists that they need to be attentive of their patientsí risk of memory problems that could come into play in their heart treatment.

Furthermore, doctors must re-evaluate their patients especially the elder ones as to how well they understood the treatments given even if there are no complaints reported.

In closing, the human memory plays a vital role in keeping oneís good state of health. If we fail to do so, then, probably now is the time for you to be watchful of how we pay attention to our health condition. We have to bear in mind that being health comes with a price, and it is always best to be ready in situations where money is concerned.

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