The Anthem Blue Cross POS Plan:

In the past, your employees would typically have two options when it came to selecting a type of health care plan. These options included HMO plans, which typically feature lower deductibles, but less care, or a PPO plan which may be more expensive, but offered greater options. Now, through Anthem Blue Cross, your employees will have a third alternative. The Anthem Blue Cross POS plan may be just the plan your employees need.

A POS type plan is commonly referred to as a hybrid between an HMO and a PPO type plan. It typically features lower costs, greater choices and has found a happy medium between the two typical plans. This type of plan may also be referred to as a Point of Service health plan.

If you are not familiar with this type of plan, here are just a few of the options your employees can expect.

HMO Base

The basis for this POS plan with Anthem Blue Cross is an HMO plan. This means that your employees may not have to have a deductible with their health insurance policy and there are no lifetime maximums with this plan. If you have employees with special needs, this type of plan can provide them with coverage over the long-term, without worrying about hitting a ceiling in their benefits.

This also includes the ReadyAccess program offered by Anthem Blue Cross. This will allow your employees to make self-referrals in many cases, which can speed up the referral process. In some cases, this may even save an employee’s life. Anyone who has dealt with an HMO review board will appreciate access to this feature.

More Choice

Unlike a typical HMO plan, your employees will have greater options when it comes to selecting their primary care physician or hospital. However, this choice doesn’t mean that your employees will have to pay sky-high rates for this care. Your employees will have access to the Anthem Blue Cross network of preferred PPO providers, who have negotiated lower rates for Anthem Blue Cross members. This can mean that your employees will save much more money than they would with a traditional PPO plan.

Your employees will even be able to select a different provider for different members of their families. This can be very beneficial when trying to find a pediatrician for a child covered by a health plan. If your employee’s family has different preferences for their primary care provider, they can each select the caregiver they prefer.

If your employee is not happy with their choice for a primary care physician, this plan also allows them to select a different physician each month, as long as they are in-network. This allows your employees to combat a typical HMO problem of being stuck with a physician they may not like.

This choice also extends to out-of-state providers. If your employees travel, they can take advantage of a nationwide network of physicians and hospitals and still enjoy their regular benefits.

In addition to the choice of a physician, your employees will also be able to select whether they prefer the HMO option of lower co-payments or the PPO option, with greater access to different types of care.

The key component of this plan is definitely choice. Your employees will be able to select a plan that they will be happy with, regardless of their health care needs.

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