Anthem Blue Cross Dental Plans:

If you have an existing large group policy with Anthem Blue Cross, you will be able to add-on certain dental plans for greater coverage for your employees. If you have over 126 employees, you can even purchase any of these plans without having to purchase a group health plan from Anthem Blue Cross. Dental coverage is not easy to find, and Anthem Blue Cross offers several different levels of coverage.

The Blue Cross PPO Dental Plan

This plan features more coverage for your employees and better prices for you by taking advantage of current market value pricing. As long as your employees visit a participating dentist, they are free to choose who provides their care, and at a significant discount.

This plan also features no-copays or payments due after a visit, with an expedited claim processing feature. This does exclude any applicable office-visit co-pays that your employees may have to cover.

If your employees need to add orthodontic coverage, this is available as an additional rider under this plan.

National PPO Dental Plan

This plan will allow you to offer dental coverage in the Anthem Blue Cross PPO Dental Plan to all of your employees, even if they do not currently live in the state of California. They will also be able to choose their own dentist from a large group of in-network providers, giving them more freedom to find a dentist they like.

Blue Cross EPO Dental (For employers of more than 126 people only)

This plan is cheaper than the PPO Dental plan and will provide your employees with exclusive access to a network of PPO dental providers. In addition, there are significant cost-savings when they visit these PPO dentists.

This plan also features no co-pays at the time of their visit, excluding any necessary office visit fees. The same claim handling service for the other PPO plans exists for this plan as well.

However, there is no coverage offered under this plan if your employees visit a non-network provider. If your employees have an emergency, coverage is limited for non-network providers.

Blue Cross Dental Net

This is a prepaid plan that allows you to offer dental coverage to your employees for les money. It requires a payroll deduction from your employees who join the plan, at no additional cost to you.

There are no deductibles under this plan and no charges for any preventative or diagnostic services. These options make this plan extremely attractive for your employees who need a greater level of preventative care.

If your employee has family members that are enrolled in this plan, they will each be able to select the dentist of their choice. All of the benefits for this plan are coordinated by the dentist’s office that you select.

Blue Cross Choice Dental

This plan features greater freedom in selecting a dentist, while keeping your costs lower. The Anthem Blue Cross Dental Choice plan is priced significantly less than many PPO dental plans. Your employees will be able to select the dentist of their choice from the Anthem Blue Cross Dental Net providers, the Anthem Blue Cross PPO providers, or if they prefer, from a fee-for-service dentist of their own choice.

Your employees will be able to select the level of coverage that fits them best, and will have the ability to change this coverage if necessary.

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