Dental Net Plan from Anthem Blue Cross:

One of the many dental coverage plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross to their small group customers is the Dental Net Plan. This plan features a great deal of coverage for specific procedures that many other plans do not include. The costs are extremely low and feature a co-payment for many expensive procedures.

Diagnostics - There is no charge for diagnostic procedures under this plan. The procedures that are currently being offered at no cost to plan members include bitewing x-rays, full mouth x-rays and oral examinations.

Preventative - Prophylaxis treatments for adults and children are currently offered at no additional costs to plan members, as well as fluoride treatments.

Restorative Procedures - If your employees require fillings, such as amalgams and composites, there is a member co-pay of $16. For stainless steel crowns, this co-pay moves up to $20.

Endodontics - There is currently no charge for a pulp cap under this plan. If your employees’ require a root canal, they are subject to the following co-payments: Root canal for 1 canal will cost $120, a 2 canal root canal procedure requires a $140 co-pay and a 3 canal root canal procedures will have a $160 co-pay. These amounts are much less than many other insurance policies will charge for these procedures. If a simply pulpotomy is required, there is a $10 co-pay.

Periodontics - There is a six-month waiting period for these procedures, but the level of coverage is very impressive. If a gingivectomy is required on an entire quadrant, there is a $100 co-pay. If it is needed per tooth, there is a per tooth, $16 co-pay. Osseous surgery requires a $240 co-pay and a scaling/root planing will cost $34 per quadrant.

Oral Surgery - Impactions can be very expensive to fix, but this plan offers an economical alternative. If there is a full bony impaction, an $85 co-pay applies. If the impaction is only a "partial bony" impaction, this drops to $75. A soft tissue impaction currently costs $55 to correct. A simple tooth extraction requires a $20 co-pay under this plan.

Prosthodontics - This is can refer to dentures, crowns or denture repair and fitting. For a complete denture, the current costs under this plan for one is $280. A partial denture has a co-pay of $320. A relining of a denture that is performed at chairside will require a co-payment of $190, while post/core refabrication will cost $40. A broken tooth denture repair requires a co-pay of $25. A crown will require a $190 co-pay.

Orthodontics - Many insurance policies do not provide coverage for orthodontics, which can be extremely expensive. The Dental Net program does provide this area of coverage for plan members at the following rates: Adult orthodontics will require a $1850 co-pay and child orthodontics require a $1450 co-pay. This includes 24 months of care.

Other Covered Services - Anesthesia is completely covered by this plan. This can add up, particularly if a great deal of work is required. After hours office visits require a $45 co-pay and out of area emergency visits will be covered up to $50. After this amount has been reached, members are then responsible for 100% of the charges as well as any co-pays that may result from the work received.

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