Anthem Blue Cross Prescription Coverage for Large Group Plans:

Prescription drug coverage is becoming one of the most important health care issues of today. If your current plan does not offer coverage for prescriptions, you may want to consider switching the Anthem Blue Cross, where your employees will be able to enjoy unprecedented prescription benefits.

The prescription drug plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross are affordable, both for you and your employees and offer a great deal of options. Here’s what you can expect from these plans.

What They Cover

The prescription plans from Anthem Blue Cross are varied and you will be able to select the plan that will fit your employees the best. They offer coverage for prescriptions with a low co-pay, particularly for generic drugs.

Anthem Blue Cross uses a system called the Formulary. When a medication is listed in the Formulary, this means that your employees will pay their normal co-pay rate for that medication. If it is not listed, they may need to pay more, depending on the pharmacy and the medication.

The Formulary is consistently updated and brand new medications are added frequently. This is a great feature, particularly as more drugs come on the market every year.

In addition to offering lower cost prescriptions, Anthem Blue Cross also works with pharmacies to ensure the safety of the medication and your employees. Strict monitoring is employed by network pharmacies to prevent drug interactions, and to inform high-risk patients about their risks with certain medications.

What You Can Expect

Several plans are offered by Anthem Blue Cross, each with a different level of cost-effective coverage. No prescription plan is truly one-size-fits-all, but with these options, you’ll be able to make the best possible choice for your employees.

An integrated pharmacy and medical database means that you’ll spend less time managing your plan. This integration also contributes to lower overall costs for the prescription plans.

Anthem Blue Cross has worked hard to make it easier for employers, particularly with the addition of requiring only one eligibility file.

What Your Employees Can Expect

Although costs are lower with a participating pharmacy, your employees can still experience savings with their regular pharmacy. However, the size of the network of participating pharmacies should alleviate any problems. Anthem Blue Cross features one of the largest networks of participating pharmacies that spans all over the state of California.

When your employees do visit a participating pharmacy, they will not need to file a claim. The pharmacy will handle all of the paperwork, speeding up the process of getting the medication your employees need.

There is also a mail and internet order service, which will allow your employees to get their medications delivered right to their door. This service also features several different options, such as notification when refills are due and monitoring of potential interactions between medications.

The cost of medication will only go higher in the future and it is important to find a plan now that will be able to offer your employees the coverage they need. It is very easy to integrate the Anthem Blue Cross prescription plans with your existing Anthem Blue Cross coverage, and several plans offer this coverage built right in.

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