Anthem Blue Cross Medcall for Large Group Plans:

If your employees are interested in being more involved in their health care decisions, the Medcall program offered by Anthem Blue Cross may be a wise addition to your existing large group plan. This program offers a variety of different services that are designed to involve your employees and educate them on their health needs and conditions.

Medcall is a toll-free hotline that will connect your employees with registered nurses that are trained to answer common questions and provide advice on handling specific medical conditions. They will be able to assist your employees in learning more about their treatment options, medications, and their symptoms. This hotline is available 24/7, making it very useful for employees that are need help during off-hours.

The service is 100% confidential and is provided to Anthem Blue Cross members as a way to keep them informed on their own health care needs and provide answers to questions on health care needs, new advances and technology.

The nurses at Medcall have years of hands-on experience and are familiar with helping patients learn more about certain diseases, medications or drug interactions. In the event that they cannot answer your employee’s questions, they are able to consult with a physician who will provide the necessary information.

This service is useful for an employee who may not know if they need to seek immediate emergency care, or if they are alone and frightened after experiencing symptoms they may not understand. The nurses at Medcall also provide follow-ups to check on the status of an employee’s health.

If your employees prefer, they can also access the vast Medcall audio library, which contains over 200 audio messages on several different subjects. From information on the latest treatments to more information on medications, your employees can find the answer they need right over the phone.

To access the Medcall program, your employees will need to call the toll-free number that is located on the back of their Anthem Blue Cross identification card. They can use this number anytime they have a question about their medical needs, prescriptions or if they just need some advice on self-care.

This service can also be used to find nearby participating physicians, if there is an emergency and your administrator or representative is unavailable. This can be very useful when your employees cannot afford to visit a doctor or hospital that is out-of-network.

Medcall’s main benefit is that it allows your employees to take control of their own health care, and get quick answers to any questions they may have. A trained nurse will be able to assist them by using current medical information, new periodicals and a vast library of information. When your employees take a larger portion of control in their own care, they will be more likely to take better care of themselves. This can result in lowering their sickness rates and may help keep your premiums low. Health care is vital, and having someone to talk to when an employee is scared or unsure is a wonderful new benefit from Anthem Blue Cross.

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