What Can the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Card PPO Plan Provide Your Employees?:

If you or your employees need to travel while on the job, or if you are just looking to provide an extra benefit for your employees, the Anthem Blue Cross BlueCard PPO plan may be just what you are looking for. Even though current technology has allowed businesses to cut travel costs by conducting their business online, in many cases, travel is still necessary. Are your employees covered while they are on the road?

With the BlueCard PPO plan, you can be assured that no matter where your employees are, they’ll be taken care of. All they will need to do is present their BlueCard PPO identification at a hospital or doctor’s office and they will be able to get the care they need.

Here’s what your employees can expect from this plan:

Better Prices, Wider Ranges

In addition to being able to see a doctor or go to the hospital while they are traveling, your employees will be able to pay less money. This plan allows your employees to enjoy seamless coverage, throughout the United States.

This plan also features isolated, state mandated benefits. This means that you will have access to market-driven pricing, which can greatly reduce the overall cost of their insurance policy. As health care costs continue to rise, this can be a very helpful.

Global Coverage

If your business requires frequent trips overseas, it is important to know that your employees will be covered during their travels. It can be very difficult to find a health plan that will cover your employee’s globally. With this plan your employees will be able to present either their BlueCard or BlueCard Worldwide identification and still get the coverage they would expect back at home.

Easier Administration

If you are located in California, but you have businesses in several locations, this plan can allow you to minimize the time you spend on handling your insurance. By featuring a centralized administration, you’ll be able to have one point-of-contact, which will cut down on reporting and control problems. If you have been trying to juggle several different health plans, or you are dealing with several different representatives, this can be very confusing. Being able to centralize your health care needs can cut down on the time you spend, as well as the money you are currently spending on health plans.

You’ll also experience better claim collection, and resolution of problems with this plan. BlueCard features a quick and accurate process for handling claims that can reduce the time you spend handling this information, and allow you to handle your business instead.

More Options

If you want your employees to be able to customize their health plan, or if they need more options, the BlueCard plan features many different options that are not commonly provided by health insurance companies. This includes acupuncture and chiropractic care, as well as access to coverage for organ transplants.

You’ll be able to select a BlueCard plan that fits your needs from a wide variety of options. If your business is larger, your employees may even be able to customize their own benefits.

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