Special Benefits for Your Employees from Anthem Blue Cross:

Anthem Blue Cross offers a number of special programs for HMO and PPO policyholders. These benefits can assist your employees in maintaining their good health as well as preventing future conditions by utilizing quality preventative care. There are also programs that are designed to educate your employees and provide them with advice around the clock. Here are just a few of the programs offered by Anthem Blue Cross for your employees. You may need to check with your representative to ensure that your current policy offers these benefits.

Blue Cross Medcall - If your employees have a question about a prescription, a side-effect they may be experiencing, or if they just want more information about their condition, the nurses at Medcall are available 24 hours a day, via a toll-free number. Your employees will be able to discuss self-care options, drug interactions, prescription information and much more with a qualified professional, absolutely free. They will also have access to an audio library that has over 200 audio files full of medical information and all of the latest breakthroughs in medical technology.

Blue Cross Healthy Check - Anthem Blue Cross offers two different Healthy Check programs. The first has a $25 co-pay and offers several different features. The second has a $75 co-pay and has more enhancements and available access to different preventative care exams. The Healthy Check program can be utilized for yearly mammograms, vaccinations, colorectal screenings, and much more.

Blue Cross Baby Connection - If you have an employee who is pregnant, they will be able to take advantage of the best prenatal care. The nurses with this program will coordinate with your employee’s doctor to make sure that they are getting the best possible care and that all is being done to ensure a health pregnancy.

Health Management Programs - There are several self-care programs offered by Anthem Blue Cross for people who suffer from asthma, diabetes, and other conditions. This includes education, information and one-on-one coaching to ensure that your employees will know how to take care of themselves and reduce potential future risks from their conditions.

Discount Programs - Many alternative therapies are offered at a discounted price to Anthem Blue Cross plan members. These therapies include acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic and occupational therapies. The discounts range from 10 to 50% and provide your employees with yet another way to maintain their good health or assist them in recovering from an illness or an accident.

Blue Card - This program is available to PPO members and allows your employees access to participating physicians and hospitals all across the nation. If your employees need to travel for your business, or if they are frequent vacationers, this program can be very useful.

Blue Cross DirectAccess - This program is available to HMO members and will enable your employees to self-refer to a number of participating specialists in the Anthem Blue Cross network. This option can save your employees valuable time when they don’t want to wait for a review board or their primary physician to approve a referral.

Blue Cross SpeedyReferral - This program is also for HMO members who need quicker access to specialists. This process completely bypasses the review panel and allows the primary physician the ability to refer the employee for specific specialty services without any prior authorization.

These are just a few of the benefits your employees can expect from Anthem Blue Cross. Contact your representative today to see what else Anthem Blue Cross can do for you.

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