Your Options for Small Group Plans with Anthem Blue Cross:

When you are searching for a small group plan for your employees, it is important to get the best value possible, for your company and your employees. Health coverage is essential, but unfortunately, it can be very expensive. Anthem Blue Cross offers a number of different plans that will allow you to select the best amount of coverage, at the best price. In addition, Anthem Blue Cross is highly accredited by the NCQA, the watchdog of the insurance industry. You can rest assured that your employees will be in good hands.

If you need even more coverage, such as worker’s compensation insurance, or if you would like to offer life insurance for your employees, Anthem Blue Cross will also be able to assist you. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings for small group health plans. Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for a small group health plan with Anthem Blue Cross, you will need to have between 2 and 50 employees. If you have over 51 employees, you will need to purchase a large group health plan.

Anthem Blue Cross has a plan that is called Flexscape. This means that you be able to select your coverage from 10 overall plans. There are currently 7 PPO type plans, 2 HMO type plans and 1 EPO plan. You will need to look over these plans with your employees to determine which one will be most effective for covering their health care needs. Each plan is different and offers varying levels of care.

The small group plans with Anthem Blue Cross also feature a defined contribution option for both medical and dental health plans. This allows small businesses greater control over the amount that they will provide for their employees premiums. Many large businesses offer complete payment of health care premiums, but in many cases, this is not an option for small businesses. If you plan to share in the premiums with your employees, the defined contribution option can make managing your costs much easier.

If your employees need a larger amount of coverage, or if they would prefer to customize their care level, Anthem Blue Cross also offers the EmployeeElect Plus plan. This gives your employees a greater level of flexibility when it comes to picking the level of care they prefer. If your employees cannot come to an agreement on the type of plan they would prefer, this is a great option.

For small businesses looking to save on their taxes, Anthem Blue Cross also offers a Premium Only Plan that is provided by Ceridian Benefits Services. This allows small business owners to pay for their share of monthly health plan premiums with pre-tax dollars, and allows employees of the business the ability to decrease the amount of payroll taxes they are currently paying.

There are also a number of alternative treatment options and services for members of Anthem Blue Cross plans. These options include Medcall, a 24/7 help line that can connect your employees with a registered nurse when they have questions about their health care, the Healthy Extensions program, as well as several preventative care options. Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and acupressure may also be covered, depending on the health plan you select.

If you need more options and want to save more money, the small group plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross will be able to assist you in finding a plan that meets these needs.

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