The Anthem Blue Cross View Vision Plan:

Your employee’s eyesight is vital to their performance at your business. It is important for your employees to get regular check-ups from their eye doctors, but in many cases, this can be expensive. Health insurance plans do not typically offer coverage for vision care, but the Anthem Blue Cross View Vision plan is changing this. If your employees need more coverage for their vision, this plan can be very beneficial.

The Best Coverage

In addition to offering coverage, the Anthem Blue Cross View Vision plan also features the best and most comprehensive vision coverage for your employees. Many plans fall short of offering this level of eye care, and may only provide $50 per year in vision care. This may not even be enough to cover a simple visit.

More Choices

The network for the Anthem Blue Cross View Vision plan is vast, featuring over 4,600 providers in California alone, and over 32,500 providers throughout the country. Instead of limiting providers to simple optometrists, it also includes access to ophthalmologists, opticians and retail centers, such as LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical and many Pearle Vision centers. This means that your employees will be able to get the care they need at a better price, and a more convenient location. If your employees need to see someone in off-hours, such as the evenings, they will be able to do so with this plan.

Better Prices

Even once your employee’s reach their yearly maximum of coverage for this plan, it doesn’t mean the plan quits working. They’ll still have access to savings for their vision care. This includes non-covered items, such as eyeglasses, sunglasses that are not corrective, and even some accessories. This savings ranges from 15 to 40% off and there is no limit to the amount of purchases you can make to take advantage of the savings.

Easier to Use

You’ll be able to select the best plan, whether you are deciding by price, location or amount of coverage. All your employees will need to do is select the plan of their choice, pick their provider and then present their card when they go in for their care and any necessary co-payment. This cuts down on confusing regulations or claims processing. The participating provider will handle all of the paperwork and verification of eligibility.

You’ll also be able to save time by taking advantage of easier administration for the plan. Once you have selected the plan options for your employees, you can have this coverage added onto your existing Anthem Blue Cross health insurance bill, and you’ll only have to receive one bill each month. This can cut down on keeping track of extra policies and will save you time when you have to pay your monthly premiums. You can even make payments online at

Vision care cannot be overlooked when you are ready to get a group health insurance plan. It can be difficult to find a group health plan that provides vision coverage, particularly one that provides the amount of coverage found in the Anthem Blue Cross View Vision Plan. Instead of adding on discount cards, or paying more for inadequate coverage, you may want to consider adding this option to your existing group health care plan with Anthem Blue Cross.

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