Anthem Blue Cross Life and Disability Insurance for Large Group Plans:

If your employees need additional life or disability coverage, there are many ways that you can integrate this coverage into your existing large group health plan with Anthem Blue Cross. This coverage is provided by the BC Life and Health Insurance company, which is affiliated with Anthem Blue Cross.

Anthem Blue Cross has worked hard to provide a complete offering of different life insurance products that are competitively priced and extremely flexible. Here are just a few of the benefits you and your employees can see from these plans.

Streamlined Coverage

Anthem Blue Cross offers the ability to integrate all of your different health and life coverage to simplify the administrative process. You’ll be able to have just one monthly bill for all of these different coverage areas, as well as one enrollment form for all of your coverage needs. This can greatly simplify your monthly administration tasks and allow you to spend more time running your business, instead of worrying about your health plan bills.

In addition, there is only one form if you or your employees need to make changes or end their coverage. You’ll also have only one-point-of-contact for all of your different plans, which can cut down on confusion and possible errors.


If you prefer to offer all of your employees the same amount of life insurance coverage, Anthem Blue Cross will be able to assist you in setting up these policies. However, if you prefer to customize your employee’s level of coverage, Anthem Blue Cross won’t let you down. If you have different levels of coverage, based on tenure with your company or job title, you’ll be able to select one level for one group of employees and another for your other employees. This is also useful if you plan on offering life insurance coverage that is based on your employees salary levels.

More Payment Options

If you do not plan to provide payment for monthly premiums for your employees’ life coverage policies, Anthem Blue Cross offers the ability for each employee to pay their own premium, even under a group plan, with their Supplemental life insurance policies. This can help companies who wish to provide this service for their employees, even if they cannot cover the cost of the coverage.

More Benefits For Your Employees

Anthem Blue Cross life insurance offers an Accelerated Death Benefit on many of their policies. This means that if one of your employees becomes terminally ill, they will be able to use up to 50% of their life insurance benefit to pay for their health care needs. This option also features no per claim administration fee. This can help your employees pay for long-term care or expensive treatments.

Faster Processing

The standard turn-around time for processing a life claim is five days. This assists your employee’s dependents in receiving the coverage that they need during this difficult time. Anthem Blue Cross also has access to a database that will assist them in locating beneficiaries of a life insurance plan. This can be very useful if an employee has a dependant in another state.

The rates for Anthem Blue Cross life coverage are extremely competitive, and will give you the option of providing your employees with life insurance coverage that may make the difference for their future and the future of their families.

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