MediComp Program from Anthem Blue Cross:

Currently, California state law requires that business owners provide their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance will protect you, the employer and your employee in the event that they are injured while on the job. Since this insurance is required, it is important to find a plan that offers you the most coverage for the best value.

The MediComp program from Anthem Blue Cross offers an unprecedented level of coverage for small business owners. By teaming with the Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Anthem Blue Cross is now able to offer this plan that provides your employees with 24/7 coverage, on the job and off.

Benefits for Employers

The MediComp plan allows you to include your premiums with your other group health insurance premiums, into one monthly bill. This provides a streamlined administration process that can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend handling your policies.

Having the same insurance company for both your group health coverage and your workers’ compensation coverage can cut down on duplication of claims. This can help you lower your costs, and will assist you in fighting claim fraud.

You will also have access to a consultant that can advise you on the risks your business poses to its employees, and they can also evaluate your past loss history. This can be very helpful in keeping your costs low, and spotting any trouble areas ahead of time. You’ll also be able to receive regular reports that will keep you on top of any changes or safety issues that you should be handling.

One of the biggest benefits for employers is that you may be rewarded with rate discounts if your company is considered safety conscious. If you have a documented safety program, this can result in these rewards.

Benefits for Employees

The MediComp plan features coverage for medical benefits for industrial accidents or injuries. This means that your employees will not have to worry about paying for any additional health costs that arise from these types of accidents. It can also help you lower your costs for coverage.

Temporary disability benefits are also offered, as well as permanent disability benefits. Workers’ compensation coverage that is this comprehensive can be hard to find, particularly with these additional benefits. If your business is at risk for employee accidents, this is extremely important.

Rehabilitation is also offered, and may include vocational therapy. This can help your employees get back on their feet faster, and get them back to work in record time. Vocational therapy is typically very expensive, and it is a great benefit to have it included in your workers’ compensation coverage.

The family members of your employees will appreciate the addition of death benefits. If an employee dies on the job, their relatives will be paid a death benefit. If your employees do not have life insurance coverage on their own, or through your company, this can help their families through a very difficult time.

The integration of workers’ compensation insurance with a health care policy allows your employees to visit the same physician that they would normally see for regular health care, or they can access referrals through this plan. This can assist your employees in quicker recovery times and a better standard of care.

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