Why Anthem Blue Cross is Good For Your Business:

If you have been thinking of purchasing a large group health insurance plan, there are many reasons to consider Anthem Blue Cross. In addition to the significant savings the plans from Anthem Blue Cross can offer your company, there are also many benefits for your employees.

Expanded Online Services

Anthem Blue Cross is now offering extended online services for plan members. This means that your employees can use the website to learn more about their coverage, find physicians or pharmacies, learn about new additions to the formulary, get their claim status online, get replacement ID cards, and much more. This new expanded service is making it easier than ever for your employees to learn about their coverage and monitor their policy online.

Largest Provider Network

Anthem Blue Cross has the largest provider network in the country. This means that you and your employees will be able to travel outside of the state of California, and still find a participating physician. If your business requires extensive travel, this is a benefit for your employees that cannot be overlooked. In addition, the size of the Anthem Blue Cross network means that it will be easier for your employees to find participating physicians in their area.

Enhanced Member Services

Your employees will have access to a variety of new services that have been designed to provide them with a higher quality of health care. From information on conditions and diseases, to programs that have been designed to address health problems before they arise. Preventative care is an important facet to maintaining your employee’s health, and they will have more options to take care of themselves with these plans.

Online Pharmacy Solutions

Anthem Blue Cross works with Precision Rx to provide your employees with a way to order their medications online or through the mail and have them delivered right to their home. In today’s busy society, this is a benefit that will be well received. Precision Rx also offers other features that can assist your employees in learning about their medications, staying on top of refills and much more.

Alternative Care Options

Many insurance plans do not provide coverage for alternative health care. Anthem Blue Cross has stepped up to offer discounts in many different areas of alternative treatments. From acupuncture, acupressure, and discounts on supplements, your employees will be able to take care of their health naturally, and experience greater savings while doing so.

Enhanced Customer Service

Anthem Blue Cross offers a toll-free service that will allow your employees to speak with a real human being when they have questions. In addition, there is also an automated system that can provide your employees with the answers to common questions when they need them quickly.

When you have a great health plan, you can be assured of attracting and retaining your employees. You can use these benefits to attract new hires, and your existing employees may be happier with the coverage they are getting and less likely to leave your business.

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