Frequently Asked Questions About Small Group Life and Disability Insurance:

If your employees need to add additional coverage for life or disability insurance, Anthem Blue Cross currently offers a number of different options. It is important to understand how these plans will provide coverage for your employees and how it will affect your small group health plan.

1. Can I add this coverage easily?

This is probably the most commonly asked question. If you already have an existing small group health plan with Anthem Blue Cross, you will be able to integrate this coverage very easily. Anthem Blue Cross features an option to combine these premiums into one easy payment, reducing your administrative costs. In addition, you will be able to have one enrollment form, and one form for any changes or terminations of coverage.

2. Can I offer different levels of coverage?

If you plan to offer life insurance that is based on your employees salary or level within your company, the life insurance plan from Anthem Blue Cross allow you to customize a basic life policy to fit your needs.

3. Will I have to pay for all of this coverage?

If you need to have your employees contribute towards their monthly life insurance premiums, Anthem Blue Cross offers supplemental life insurance that will allow you to do this. This is very useful for a small business owner that cannot provide all of a premium, but still wishes to offer some type of life insurance for their employees.

4. What kind of plans are offered?

Whether you need a simple Basic Life plan, or if your employees prefer additional options, such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, Anthem Blue Cross will be able to help you find a plan that will fit your employees. A Dependant Life coverage policy is also available that will cover the family members of your employees as well.

5. What is a WOP or a Waiver of Premium?

This is an option offered with many of the Anthem Blue Cross basic and supplemental life insurance policies. You will need to follow specific procedures if you elect for this option. A WOP claim will need to be filed at the end of a qualifying period for your small group life insurance policy. Your contract will have more information on this period. Once this period has arrived, the following documentation is required to file a WOP: an employer statement, attending physician statement, employee statement, beneficiary designation and an enrollment card. More information may be required, such as verification of salary or medical records, in the event that there are special circumstances with a claim.

6. Can my employees select multiple beneficiaries?

Yes, your employees will be able to select a primary beneficiary, as well as any secondary beneficiaries, as necessary. Anthem Blue Cross works hard to make sure that all beneficiaries are paid when a claim has been processed. In the event that a beneficiary is out of state, or their location is not known, an exhaustive effort will be launched to find that beneficiary.

7. How long does it take to process a claim?

Claims are typically processed within 5 days. This is record time for many insurance companies. In the event that it is an Accidental Death and Dismemberment claim, it may take a little more time, but the average length for processing is five days.

8. Does Anthem Blue Cross offer accelerated death benefits?

Yes. In the event that one of your employees becomes terminally ill, they may be able to use a percentage of their life insurance policy to help cover the costs of long term care or other needs.

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