Healthy Extensions Program:

Anthem Blue Cross offers a healthy extensions program that allows you several different treatment options. In the past, trying to find an insurance company that would provide savings for alternative therapies was difficult, if not impossible. However, Anthem Blue Cross has stepped up to the plate and they are now offering savings on specific types of alternative therapies and other healthy options. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this program.

In order to qualify for the Healthy Extensions savings program, the practitioner you visit will need to be a participating Healthy Extensions provider. Before selecting a therapist, make sure that they are a member so that you can take advantage of this savings.

If you are looking for a list of qualified Healthy Extension providers, Anthem Blue Cross provides a list of California practitioners who will be able to assist you. While these services are not covered by your insurance plan, nor are they considered network providers, you will still be able to save money on your visits to these qualified providers.

Alternative Therapies

Under the Healthy Extensions program, you will be able to visit a massage therapist at a savings of anywhere from 10 to 25%. This deduction is taken from the fee charged by your massage therapist and does require immediate payment. You will also be able to save 10 to 25% on yoga classes under this program.

If you are seeking assistance in managing your diet, you will be able to save 20 to 25% on these services, as long as provider is a registered dietician and a member of the Healthy Extensions program.

Hypnotherapy savings are now being offered as well, at a savings of 10 to 25%. Hypnotherapy may be useful in quitting smoking or other bad habits that are injurious to your health.

Alternative Health and Nutritional Supplements

If you purchase your supplements from you will be able to save as much as 50% on brand name supplements and/or vitamins from this store. In addition, you can also receive extra coupons and even more discounts by shopping online. If you need to order over the phone, you can call 1-877-424-6772 to place an order and have your supplements delivered to your home.

Healthyroads’ online store is now offering discounts to Healthy Extension members through Anthem Blue Cross. They are offering a discount of up to 40% off of vitamins, supplements, health and wellness products as well as books and videotapes that are health related.

Dental and Hearing Services

The BriteSmiles program is now being offered through the Healthy Extensions program. Participating members can get $100 off of a treatment that provides whiter teeth in about an hour. Members can also receive priority scheduling either with their dentist or a qualified BriteSmile Whitening spa in California.

Beltone Hearing Center is also providing savings for Healthy Extension members. You can get a free hearing screening as well as up to 25% off on certain hearing aids. Your parents and grandparents are also eligible for this savings as well. For more information, contact 1-800-Beltone.

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