Anthem Blue Cross Large Group HMO Preferred Plan:

If your employees would prefer the savings that comes from an HMO plan, but need a higher level of coverage, Anthem Blue Cross offers an HMO Preferred Plan that can meet these needs. In many cases, your employees need access to specific care, but they may not be able to afford a PPO plan that could provide it. The HMO Preferred Plan is a solution to this problem.

This plan includes all of the benefits of the regular, large group HMO plan, with the addition of the following options:

Outpatient Hospital Care

If your employees require outpatient care, this can be very expensive in many cases. This plan offers the addition to this level of care to the regular HMO plan. This means that your employees will end up paying less for care that does not necessarily require hospitalization, but is still important.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Care received at ambulatory surgical centers is also provided under this plan. This means that if your employees require this type of surgery, they will not need to spend as much out-of-pocket as they would with the regular HMO plan.

Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon and Anesthesiologist Coverage

The regular HMO plan does provide for some care in this area, but the HMO Plus Plan offers a greater amount of coverage. This can result in your employees spending much less for professional services than they normally would. In many cases, while an insurance policy will cover the actual cost of the surgery, it will not cover the fees charged by the surgeon or the anesthesiologist. This plan will assist your employees in bridging this gap.

Physician Office Visits

If your employees need to see a physician regularly, these costs can quickly add up. In some cases, they may be required to meet a deductible before coverage will kick in, or the visits may not be covered at all. It is important to your employees to spend as little out-of-pocket for their health care as possible. This plan can assist them in keeping their costs low, while still receiving the care that they need.

Eye and Hearing Exams

Many insurance policies do not provide coverage for eye or hearing care. This can be expensive, particularly if frequent visits are required. The ability to have these exams covered may encourage your employees to take better care of their vision and hearing by frequently visiting their doctors.

Outpatient Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine, Speech and Occupational Therapy

This is an area of coverage that is frequently overlooked. In the event that your employees need occupational or physical therapy, they may not be able to afford all of their necessary treatments. If your current worker’s comp insurance policy does not provide provisions for this care, it is important to offer the ability for coverage to your employees.

X-ray and Lab Fees

Having greater coverage for x-rays and lab fees can be very beneficial for your employees. This is a type of charge that may not always be covered by an insurance policy and it can be very expensive. If your employees need additional services like these, they will appreciate the greater level of coverage this plan provides.

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