Dental SelectHMO Plan from Anthem Blue Cross:

If your employees need dental coverage and their current health insurance plan does not offer it, you may want to consider providing them with this coverage. Anthem Blue Cross offers several different dental plans for their small group customers. The SelectHMO plan features several different options for your employees.

Office Visits - There is only a $5 co-pay for office visits with a participating dentist. However, there is no coverage for provided for visits to dentists that are not currently participating with Anthem Blue Cross.

Preventative Care - If your employees’ visit a participating dentist for prophylaxis, there is no charge for the office visit. If the visit is at a specialty office, there will be a $50 charge for the care. Topical fluoride treatments are also covered completely as long as they are received at a participating dentist. For fluoride treatments at a specialty clinic, there is a $24 fee.

Restorative Care - At a participating office, the costs are currently $106 for stainless steel crowns on primary teeth. A specialty office requires a fee of $136 for the same procedure. For endodontic procedures, the following costs apply: Pulp cap, $32 at a participating clinic, or $47 at a specialty clinic. If fillings are needed, there is no charge for the procedure at a regular, participating dentist, and the fees will vary if the procedure is performed at a specialty clinic.

Endodontics - For a root canal, the following charges will apply: Anterior root canal; $289 at a dental office, $404 at a specialty office, Bicuspid root canal; $341 at a regular office, $460 at a specialty clinic, Molar root canal; $459 at a regular office, and $566 at a specialty clinic. A pulpectomy received at a regular office will cost $72 per tooth, and the same procedure received at a specialty clinic will cost $117.

Periodontics - For procedures related to a patients’ gums, the following charges will apply: Gingivectomy; $194 at a regular office, per quadrant, and $380 for the same procedure at a specialty clinic. Scaling or root planing is charged at $101 per quadrant at a regular office, and $135 at a specialty clinic. Osseous surgery, again per quadrant, is charged at $520 for a regular office procedure or $735 for a specialty clinic procedure.

A single extraction of one tooth ranges from $60 at a regular office to $79 at a specialty clinic. An impaction in soft tissue will cost anywhere from $136 to $161, depending on the choice of location for the procedure, either a regular dentists’ office or a clinic. For impactions that are considered as "partial bony" this fee ranges from $175 to $197. A "full bony" impaction goes up to $200 to $231.

There are also other services offered under this plan, such as prosthodontics, or dentures and emergency care that is covered when you are out of your area. If your employees need a comprehensive dental plan that offers a variety of different options, this plan is certainly one to consider. The variety of covered procedures, and the low-costs for office visits make this plan stand apart from many other insurance company offerings.

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