The Anthem Blue Cross Employee Assistance Program for Large Group Plans:

As an employer, you expect your employees to be at their best the majority of the time. However, if they are experiencing problems at home, it can be difficult for them to give you what you expect, especially if they are in the midst of a crisis. Anthem Blue Cross is now offering an employee assistance program that will get your employees back on their feet and help keep your business running smoothly.

Why You Need This Coverage

Job performance is often the first thing that suffers when an employee is trying to handle a problem at home. They may not have anyone that they feel they can turn to, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. As this snowballs, their performance may decline, leaving you in a lurch. In order to prevent this, it may be important for your employees to receive counseling when they are faced with this situation.

Recent studies have proven that employee assistance programs will actually provide a return on your investment by reducing your overall group health costs. When your employees are mentally healthy, they will be able to fend off physical illness, or the costs of necessary mental health care.

Before a problem gets out of hand, it is important to step in. An employee assistance program can prevent a small problem from turning into a large problem that could affect your entire company.

What to Expect from Integrated Coverage

When you elect to integrate EAP coverage into your Anthem Blue Cross group health plan, you are signing up with a company that has nearly 20 years of experience in providing EAP and other behavioral health services. This experience results in a better standard of care for your employees.

You’ll also be able to select a plan that will work for your employees from several different plan options. These plans offer general EAP services, work/life solutions as well as overall behavioral health management. The variety of plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross increases the likelihood of finding a cost-effective solution for your EAP needs.

Your employees will be able to select a provider from a network with over 5,000 licensed professionals and more than 500 specialty facilities. This network has been met the criteria of the NCQA, a watchdog group that oversees health insurance providers.

Dealing with these issues is never easy for an employee, and Anthem Blue Cross has made it easier to coordinate medical and behavioral health care. The enrollment process is easier and plan administration has been simplified. You’ll also be able to have just one point-of-contact, which means that you’ll spend less time managing your employees health care needs.

The power of Anthem Blue Cross also means that your employees will have access to the best care possible. You will be able to trust that Anthem Blue Cross is looking out for your employees and your company.

As our lives become more stressful, it is becoming apparent to many companies that offering an EAP program is essential. Don’t wait until it is too late to integrate this coverage into your large group plan.

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