Anthem Blue Cross Options for Seniors:

As your employees age, it is important to offer them appropriate options for their health care needs. Their needs will change, particularly if they decide to enroll in Medicare. As a large employer, it is important to offer them a plan that will provide them with the coverage they can use.

Anthem Blue Cross offers several different options for seniors in their large group health insurance plans. Let’s take a look at these plans to see what they can provide your senior employees.

Blue Cross Senior Secure

This plan is a Medicare+Choice plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan. It is an HMO-type health plan that supplements the benefits offered by Medicare. Your employees will be able to enjoy not having to pay Medicare deductibles or co-insurance payments. In some cases, they may not even have to provide a co-pay for certain services, and if they do, this co-pay is greatly reduced.

The Senior Secure plan also offers coverage for areas that Medicare doesn’t provide. This may include exams for hearing or vision, coverage for eyeglasses and contact lenses, dental care, podiatry services, chiropractic exams and prescription drug coverage.

Your employees will also be able to take advantage of the ChoicesPlus benefit with this plan. This means that they will be able to self-refer to a network of PPO providers for some of their necessary services. This can save time and money, when it matters the most.

Security 90, Assurance 90 or Assurance Plus 90

If your employees are just looking to supplement their Medicare coverage in certain areas, these three plans can provide them with assistance. The Security 90 Plan features coverage for hospitalization co-pays and deductible for Medicare Part A, as well as adding 365 days of coverage for inpatient care. This means that since Medicare Part A limits the amount of days that will be covered for this care, your employees will have greater freedom to stay in the hospital for the care they need.

Under the Security 90 Plan, your employees will be able to enjoy payment of 100% of their Medicare Part B expenses as long as they select a provider from the Anthem Blue Cross PPO network.

Emergency care is covered 24/7 and coverage for co-pays from skilled nursing facilities is also provided.

The Assurance 90 and Assurance Plus 90 also offer more prescription drug benefits, as well as the option to receive prescriptions by mail. This can be very helpful, especially if your employees need regular medication. It also provides lower costs and easier claim management when your employees visit a participating pharmacy.

Medicare Select II and Medicare Select II Plus

These supplemental Medicare plans feature lower co-pays for office visits and as long as your employees select a provider from the Anthem Blue Cross PPO list, they will not need to worry about filing a claim. They’ll be able to make their choice of a provider from the large Anthem Blue Cross provider network, which means they have more freedom to pick a physician they know and trust.

These plans also provide payment for the Medicare Part B deductible, as long as in-network providers are used. This network includes physicians all over the country, and these plans do not limit benefits to in-state physicians only.

The biggest advantage of these plans is the that they virtually eliminate your employee’s out-of-pocket expenses for their Medicare Part A deductible as long as they visit a Medicare Select hospital or if they are admitted as an inpatient after they visit the emergency room

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