The Anthem Blue Cross Healthy Improvement Program:

Anthem Blue Cross is now offering a new program, designed to encourage policyholders towards maintaining their health and to provide assistance for the management of chronic conditions. If you are suffering from asthma, congestive heart failure or diabetes, this program may be very beneficial.

Participation in the Health Improvement Program is voluntary and you will not be forced to join. If you don’t join, you will not see any decrease in your plan benefits. However, if you do suffer from the conditions mentioned above, you may be able to manage this condition more effectively, which can improve your overall health.

If you are found to be eligible for the HIP program, you will be referred to the HIP program. Eligibility is determined through a number of different ways. First, the plan’s system for medical claims is reviewed for potential members. Hospital discharge reports are used, as well as referrals from physicians or medical groups. In addition, the case management team that has been assigned to your particular plan may recommend you for membership.

If you have not been contacted to join the HIP program, you are allowed to self-enroll. This can be accomplished by calling 1-800-522-5560, if you live in California and are currently covered by a Anthem Blue Cross health insurance plan.

Once you have become a member of the HIP program, you may begin to receive information on maintaining your health through the mail. This may include helpful educational materials, books, or more information about your particular condition.

There are also a number of health coaches, and registered nurses that work with the program to assist eligible members. You may be contacted by either a health coach or a nurse once you have joined the HIP program for your initial assessment. This assessment is used to determine what steps you can begin to take to improve your existing health.

A health coach will also have a team of qualified professionals, such as nurses, therapists, behaviorists and dieticians, who will be able to highlight current areas that need improvement, such as diet or exercise, as well as discovering what is keeping you from succeeding with your health goals. They will work with you to find a health or behavior modification plan that will be tailor made to your particular situation. Once your plan or method is determined, this team will work with you to ensure that you are getting the utmost out of the program. If something needs to be changed, your team will assist you in determining these needs and implementing quality changes.

You can expect guidance in how to better follow your doctor’s advice and prescription orders. If you have trouble taking your current prescriptions, or you need help in keeping to a strict diet, your team will be able to help you meet these goals. They will also be able to educate you on your particular condition and what you can expect for your health.

In addition to your team, there is also a quarterly newsletter that is sent out to all program members and can be accessed right from the Anthem Blue Cross website. This newsletter will contain even more tips on getting the most out of the HIP program

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