Anthem Blue Cross Tonik Health Plans:

Anthem Blue Cross is now offering three new plans for people in their twenties. These plans are geared towards being affordable and are divided into three groups. We’ll take a look at what these plans have to offer for a segment of our population that is generally uninsured.

All three plans offer health, dental, vision and preventative care coverage. The main difference is the pricing and the amount of doctor visits that are allowed each year.

The Calculated Risk Taker

This plan is geared towards people who may not need excessive health coverage, but still like to know that if they need to go to a doctor they will be covered. The annual deductible is $1500 and each office visit has a $40 co-pay. You will have unlimited visits to doctors that are in-network, so you may go as often as you like.

The monthly premium for this plan is $80, which is a significant savings over many health plans. Being able to include your health, dental and vision insurance for this amount is truly an amazing savings.

Once you meet your annual deductible, preventative care, out-patient care and overnight hospital stays won’t cost a thing. If you need physical or occupational therapy, you are allowed 12 visits per year, in and out of network. After you meet your deductible, you will not need to pay any additional money for these visits.

The Part-Time Dare Devil

This is an in-between plan, which offers a smaller premium, and a higher deductible. Your monthly premium will be $73 and the annual deductible is $3000. You are allowed 4 in-network doctor visits each year, with a co-pay of $30.

?Like the first plan, after you have met your deductible, you will have no further out-of-pocket expenses for preventative care, surgery, in or outpatient hospital care or for professional services.

You are also allowed up to 12 visits per year for physical or occupational therapy, and once you have met your deductible, these visits will be completed covered.

The Thrill Seeker

This plan has the highest deductible and the lowest monthly premium. The annual deductible is $5000 and you can expect to pay just $63 per month for your premiums. You may visit an in-network doctor four times of year, with a co-pay of just $20.

The other features of the previous two plans are also included with the Thrill Seeker plan.

Each of these plans also offers a prescription drug benefit, but only for generic drugs. Your co-pay for your generic prescription is $10 for a 30-day supply when you visit a participating pharmacy. You will need to remember to bring your plan ID card when you visit a pharmacy to ensure that you will get your benefits.

The dental benefits include preventative, diagnostic and restorative care. Your yearly deductible for your dental benefits is $25, and the maximum amount of coverage provided each year is $550.

If you have been looking for health insurance coverage in California, the new Tonik health plans are offering real alternatives that are extremely affordable.

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