Anthem Blue Cross Flexscape Plan:

If you need more options when it comes to your small group health plan, you may want to look into the Flexscape Plan currently offered by Anthem Blue Cross. This plan allows you many more choices and the ability to customize your small group plan. There are three main parts to the Flexscape Plan; Defined Contribution Options, EmployeeElect Plus and the Premium Only Plan or POP. Let’s take a look at what each one of these could do for your health plan.

Defined Contribution Options - This option allows you to set your desired contributions for your group health plan. By managing these costs and sharing the burden of your health plan with your employees, you’ll be able to grow your business more effectively. There are currently three different contribution options offered by Flexscape.

The first is a Percentage and Plan Option. This allows you to pick a specific percentage, ranging from 50 to 100% of what you want to contribute towards your employees’ monthly premiums with any plan, except the Anthem Blue Cross Basic PPO plan. This means that if your employees are satisfied with your plan selection, they can choose another plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross for small group health plans and use the contributions you have made towards that plan.

The second option is the fixed dollar amount. This allows you to select any fixed dollar amount, greater than $100 to be paid in $5 increments that is contributed to your employees’ monthly premiums. The amount you select for this option will qualify for all plans that are offered to your employees.

The third and last option is the Traditional option. This allows you to select a percentage from 50 to 100% of what you want to contribute for your employees’ premiums. This percentage will then apply towards any plans that your employees’ select.

The dental plans from Anthem Blue Cross also three different methods of payment for Flexscape. You can pick the Defined Contribution 15, the Defined Contribution Select or the Traditional Contribution. If you are looking for more options when it comes to paying for your employees’ premiums, this is a brand new way to do so.

EmployeeElect Plus - This offers your employees a greater choice when it comes to selecting the health plan that will work for them. If you are having difficulty selecting one plan for all of your employees, this option is extremely helpful. You’ll be able to offer every single Anthem Blue Cross health plan that is included in the small group health plan category.

Your employees can then pick the one that works for them from this list. There are currently nine available plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross for small group health coverage. If you have employees that prefer an HMO-type plan, or a couple that would prefer a PPO-type plan, this is a great way to make everyone happy.

Premium Only Plan or POP - This plan allows you to save on your payroll taxes, and provides your employees with a way to pay for their premiums with their pre-tax dollars. This option does not lessen the benefits your employees’ will receive from their health plan, but takes advantage of a provision in the IRS code, section 125. This provision allows companies and employees greater tax savings when paying for their group health costs, as long as the plan is a POP plan.

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