Severe Chest pain as False Indicator of Heart Attack

News source is Reuters and the study was conducted by Dr. Anna Marie Chang

In the recent study of Dr. Anna Marie Chang, who is an emergency physician of University of Pennsylvania’s Hospital, revealed that having a chest pain can possibly be a false indicator of having a heart attack no matter how severe the pain experienced.

Chest pain is not always the sign of having a heart attack or a heart problem since in heart attack, the pain is not localized in the chest area only. As a matter of fact, a chest pain can occur at any time signifying problems from various areas of the body. It can be coming from the heart, lungs, and gastro among others (e.g. anxiety).

In the research, findings were based upon the usage of a pain scale of zero to 10, with zero representing no pain and 10 being the worst imaginable. The researchers then gauged the pain levels the 3,300 ER patients with such as their complaints. They then evaluated the same number for a month to see who had further heart-related events.

For the researchers, they found out that those who had frequent complaints of having severe chest pain will unlikely have a heart attack in a month or two than those who had lesser pain. Also, a pain that lasts for an hour is not a helpful indicator of heart attack and other health problems. They also added that experts should be extra cautious since the pain might indicate a more serious illness and oftentimes patients have the tendency to disregard their illness unless more symptoms emerge.

It is therefore not just the physician’s initiative to conduct thorough assessment to determine the actual signs and symptoms of the patient rather than concluding directly upon hearing the complaint of having the painful attack.

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