Anthem Blue Cross HMO California: A Great Option!

Anthem Blue Cross HMO California is a comprehensive plan that provides excellent coverage and keeps your out-of-pocket expenses low. There are a few key elements that you need to understand when it comes to HMO's.

Most HMO's have the same type of rules; whether you enroll in an Anthem Blue Cross HMO California plan or you enroll with a different carrier you can expect the following rules to be pretty much the same.

Primary Care Provider

Every HMO has the same rule when it comes to HMO's and Primary Care Providers. A PCP is an assigned health care provider who will oversee your health care. The first person that you see when you are having health issues is your PCP.

Your PCP will decide with you which diagnostic tests you will need and whether you need to see a specialist or not. You need to get a referral to see a specialist, which must come from your primary care provider.

Some people find this practice a bit restrictive, but it works for others.

Network Doctors

Another common practice among HMO's is establishing a limited network of health care providers you must stay within when seeking health care services. Seeing doctors outside of the network is subject to additional costs. Luckily Anthem Blue Cross has a huge network of health care providers across California so finding a health care provider that accepts your coverage is easy!

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Almost all HMO's are a great way to keep your out-of-pocket costs way down. Most HMO's charge only a small co-pay when you visit a health care provider in network, even if that provider is a specialist! Most HMO's also offer prescription coverage.

Best Rates

You can find some of the best rates for Anthem HMO plans and for HMO plans from other top rated carriers at You can compare rates to find a plan that is not only affordable, but that works best for you and your situation.

Obtain your free quotes today and then speak with one of our licensed agents to figure out if an HMO plan is right for you.

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