Blue Shield Health Insurance In CA

Blue Shield health insurance in CA has a core mission. The core mission is to provide everyone across CA with affordable health care. As a matter of fact, Blue Shield health insurance is so committed to the cause that they set up the Blue Shield Foundation as a way to reach out to as many people as possible.

That commitment has provided 170 million dollars to the cause. The foundation is only one of the ways that Blue Shield reaches out to the residents of California. Keeping health care affordable is something that every resident of California can benefit from.

Blue Shield health insurance is a company that is truly dedicated to the people goes beyond the minimum and exceeds expectations.

Blue Shield Against Violence

Blue Shield health insurance is so much more than a health insurance carrier. This is a community company that affects both its members and non members with their life improvement programs. Blue Shield Against Violence is one of the foundations many programs.

The foundation has helped hundreds of domestic abuse victims start a new life by providing financial support to both shelters and the individuals.

The Safety Net

California is a leader in health care reform and Blue Shield health insurance in CA is right there as a part of those positive changes. Blue Shield leads the way for other health insurance companies by strengthening the safety net for underrepresented populations.

For Members

Blue Shield goes above and beyond what other health insurance companies offer in the way of benefits. Members are given access to many 100% covered preventive plans that include a nursing hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help their members get the medical advice they need.

Members enjoy other perks as well. There are wellness programs to help you quit smoking or to lose weight. Friendly health advisers that can point you in the direction of health care providers, and a wide network of doctors and other health care providers is at your beck and call!

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