Texas Heat Wave: Puts a Naked Man Skin Health in Danger

The news source is ABC News and research was done by Nina Terrero

An unknown naked man was found asleep on a dock. He wake up until a police boat came from the Travis County sheriff’s office, had an altered consciousness, and was rushed to the hospital suffering from second degree burns for over 40% of his body due to the Texas heat wave.

Second degree burn, which is also known as deep partial-thickness burn, is one of the three degrees of burn depth. Its causes are scalds and flash flames with symptoms of pain, extreme sensitivity to one’s sensation and sensitivity to cold air, and with signs of skin redness and blister forms. Moreover, sunburn causes first degree burn but if one is expose under the sun for a long period of time this could lead to second degree burn.

According to the report, the unknown man was found sunbathing on a boat dock of a private home and the home owner called the police. When the police came, the man prompted to jump in the water and was pulled from the water by the EMS. The emergency team immediately saw the severity of burns that the victim possesses with blisters over his body.

Spokesman of Austin-Travis County EMS named Warren Hassinger said that they didn’t find any identification cards when they rescued the victim plus the victim was unable to recognize his own name. Also, they are suspecting that the man is on organic issues or substance abuse which led to his behavior.

Furthermore, the Texas cops are still trying to get the identity of the man. Also, the home owner didn’t file any criminal charges to the man and this result to no criminal investigation to be done.

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