Moderate Intensity Activity: Provides Recovery and Long-Term Health to Cancer Survivors

The news source is WebMD and research was done by Macmillan Cancer Support in UK.

A news report from Macmillan Cancer Support in United Kingdom have said that moderate intensity activity which includes walking briskly, cycling, and doing household tasks such as mowing the lawn can help cancer patients reduce the side effects of the cancer treatment as well as reduce the risk of cancer recurrence for cancer survivors.

Moderate intensity activity is being done 150 minutes per week. This can help reduce the risk of recurrence of cancer up to 40% for breast cancer patients, up to 50% for bowel cancer patients, and up to 30% for prostate cancer patients.

Study also shows that if a cancer patient does the recommended level of physical activity, they can reduce the risk of side effects of the cancer treatment which includes depression, fatigue, heart disease, and osteoporosis. In addition, the moderate intensity activity does not only reduce the side effects but it also provides a long-term health for those cancer survivors by reducing the risk of cancer recurrence.

However, many are not aware of the benefits of this physical activity because most health professionals donít include this to their health teachings. According to the chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support named Ciaran Devane, cancer patients and cancer survivors will be shocked if they just knew how beneficial this physical activity can be. Chief medical officer Jane Maher also added that exercise should be part of the cancer after-care and not just an add-on to care.

Therefore, it is helpful for everyone to know that regular exercise with moderate intensity can help cancer patients improve their health as well as insure their health.

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