Narcissism: is it beneficial or not?

The news source is Medical News Today and was conducted by Patrick Hill and Brent Roberts of University of Illinois.

A new research conducted suggests that not all forms of narcissisms are somehow beneficial especially to adolescents finding difficulty in in their transition years to adulthood.

Narcissism is the term coined for those who excessively admire and love one’s self. According to one of the authors of the study, narcissism is seen in three forms. The first, an inflated sense of leadership or authority, is the belief of knowing a lot of whom people should come to for advice. The second is grandiose exhibitionism or being pompous and wanting to show off exaggerated sense of one's capabilities and talents. The third is a sense of entitlement and a willingness to exploit others for personal gain. However, this trait declines as one ages in congruence to its use in one‘s character.

In the study, the researchers surveyed 368 undergraduate college students and 439 of their family members. However, the only ones who responded in the study in providing a robust sample size for analysis were the mothers of the students.

The result, according to the researchers, showed that young people who were high in the leadership and grandiose exhibitionism forms of narcissism were likely to report higher life satisfaction and well-being, while mothers who had the same traits were viewed as neurotic and low in conscientiousness. on the other hand, those possessing the third type of narcissism predicted lower life satisfaction throughout life.

Consequently, these negative judgments by the public, particularly of the older group, could have quite interesting negative impact on one's own capabilities and prospects that may help young people navigate adolescence and the turmoil involved in trying to find a sense of identity. On the other hand, those same traits may appear to be related to less life satisfaction and a poorer reputation.

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