Hepatitis A Affects Customers Health

The news source is Health and research was done by Sarah Klein and Ray Hainer.

A report stated that a food server from Olive Garden Diners in North Carolina was tested positive for Hepatitis A infection. Thus, prompted customers of the said diner to get hepatitis A vaccines.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that can be acquired through eating food that has been contaminated with fecal matter or via fecal-oral route. This infection can result to liver swelling characterized by nausea, fever, and joint point or sometimes, no symptoms manifested at all. In this condition, hepatitis A vaccine is an advantage to prevent acquiring such infection and if infected, the virus clears up the liver after 8 weeks. As a matter of fact, cases of hepatitis A infection declined to 90% for almost 20 years now because of thorough hand washing, proper food handling, and vaccine.

According to the news, the food server told her bosses that she was tested positive for Hepatitis A virus. It was between July and early August that the server was on duty and was already infected which alarmed about 1, 500 casual diners to have a shot of hepatitis A vaccine.

A local health official advised those customers who ate at the said diners during those days that the food server was on duty to get themselves tested and vaccinated. A professor of food science at Purdue University named Arun K. Bhunia, PhD also agreed and stressed proper hand washing before handling food and serving food.

Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control recommended that all children at 12 months should be vaccinated as well as all people who travel to places with high rates of hepatitis A, suffering from long-term liver disease, and exposed to infected animals or people.

In this news, the importance of hepatitis A vaccine is being given a great emphasis especially to those dining owners. It makes them realize to protect not only their business but as well as the health of their workers and diners.

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