Hot Dog is Not Good for Your Health

The news source is Health and research was done by Harvard School of Public Health.

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have shown a study that eating processed food particularly hot dogs daily increase the chance of having type-2 diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus type-2 is also known as non-insulin independent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetes which is a metabolic disorder that result to insulin deficiency and high glucose level. It is common on both men and women, obese, and older than 30 years. Moreover, 90% to 95% of the population of people with diabetes is diabetes type-2.

The study was conducted for both men and women for over 28 years which was participated by 422,101 people. As a result, type-2 diabetes has increased its risk up to 19% for those who consumed daily serving of 100 grams of unprocessed red meat and 51% for those who ate one hot dog or two slices of bacon equivalent to 50 grams of serving. However, the study also has shown the result of people who ate healthier proteins in substitute of red meat such as lower risk of diabetes up to 23% for whole grains, 21% for nuts, and 17% for low-fat dairy products.

Furthermore, senior author Frank Hu stressed the importance of eating health protein sources in exchange to processed products such as hot dogs and sausages. Also, diet and exercise has been thought to be the first treatment for patients with type-2 diabetes.

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