Bullying: a Factor in Having Lower Passing Rate

The news source is Fox News and the study was conducted by psychologists from University of Virginia.

A recent research revealed that high incidence of bullying has a significant impact in having high scores in standardized tests especially among high school students in hemisphere.

Bullying, as defined by most surveys, is the use of one's strength or popularity to injure, threaten or embarrass another person on purpose. It can be done with the use of physical, verbal or social forces. There is no bullying if both parties are about the same strength when arguing or fighting. With that in mind, the bullied ones are more at risk for mental health problems and substance abuse.

A part of the study, which was based from the compiled data of previous researches, exposed that the majority of the victims came from more than 7,300 ninth-graders and about 3,000 teachers at 284 Virginia high schools. Likewise, institutions with reports on severe bullying gathered a 3% to 6% lower passing rate on exams compared to bully-free schools.

Furthermore, the researchers also pointed out that the difference is substantial because it greatly affects the school's ability to meet federal requirements and the educational success of many students who don't pass the exams. They then theorized that as the classroom concentration of the student is diverted to worrying, high possibility of failing happens which eventually leads to teachers wasting time to disciplining bullies.

Therefore, a bullying climate may play an important role in student test performance and highlights the importance of treating bullying as a school wide problem rather than just an individual problem.

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