New Health Discovery May Help Prevent Stroke

The news source is WebMD and research was done by Duke University.

A new health discovery has been announced lately regarding to a new medication that helps a patient with atrial fibrillation prevent stroke. Researchers from Duke University have shown that Xarelto works the same with warfarin as a blood thinner that prevents clot formation.

Atrial fibrillation is a heart problem in which there is presence of irregular heart pumping causing the blood to form clots in the upper chambers that can lead to stroke. The risk of having this heart problem increases with age and about 8% of the total population.

The study about Xarelto against warfarin was conducted in a group of 14, 000 atrial fibrillation patients with moderate to high risk of stroke. They were randomly assigned to take a daily dose of either warfarin or Xarelto while some were assigned to take placebo medicine. After 2 years, the result shows that 269 who took Xarelto and 306 who took warfarin had strokes and had a blood clot lodged somewhere in the parts of their body. This interpretation proves that Xarelto works well as warfarin.

Study researcher and cardiologist Dr. Manesh R. Patel stressed that warfarin is very good drug of choice for stroke prevention but sometimes it is difficult to use due to its side effects. Experts have said that Xarelto is a more targeted drug which less likely to cause bleeding in the brain or any fatal bleeding than warfarin does. However, Xarelto costs between $6 and $9 per day while warfarin costs $4 a month which is quite expensive.

Although last July FDA had approved Xarelto as blood thinner for those people who will have hip and knee replacement surgery, still it is waiting for an approval to be used as once-daily treatment to patients with atrial fibrillation.

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